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I meet with you and create a custom package that covers all of your needs for your video project. Tell me what you require for your video and I will create a scope for your project and ensure it is done in a timely manner  Perfect for companies wanting to show how their machines work, introduce the company and their message or something silly for local groups.

Thirst Project

Evan from Thirst Project came to Wisconsin to talk to middle school and high school students about his nonprofit organization. Bringing safe drinking water is not something often discussed but these students were ready to help wherever they could. A full video of his speech was created for use on their social media. Check out Thirst Project at

Gary Gregory: FRED Summit

The FRED Summit was created for real estate development and in 2023 had a keynote speaker named Gary Gregory who discussed the importance of leadership within a team. Gary wanted a video of the full speech as well as a short highlight reel to use on social media to promote his new book and speeches. You can learn more about Gary at

Indiana University Media School

Indiana University Bloomington required detailed training videos for their Media School students learning how to create films and documentaries. These training videos needed to be short but filled with vaulable information that fell into the guidelines of the current classes.

Each video was shot with multiple cameras and some required screen grabs or screen recordings in order to show what was discussed in the script. Each video was edited to stay under 10 minutes, includes the same host, and title sequence to ensure consistency between each video.

Bloomington Ultimate: Beaking Bad

Bloomington Ultimate, a local ultimate frisbee group, required a short video to submit for a tournament. The group came up with a parody of 'Breaking Bad' but with chickens as the tournament was chicken based. 

Filming was done over 3 days and was edited in a narrative film style to showcase the story. This was one of the funniest sets we have ever been a part of.

The Dog House LLC Boarding Cam

This cage free daycare and boarding facility wanted to show clientswhat their dogs do when they stay overnight. This required training with the dogs to ensure comfortability and safety for all invovled. A go-pro was used as this helped show the perspective of a dog vs a human. With footage captured from multiple dogs I was able to create a short highlight video of the feeding, the relaxation and the zoomies that happen during a night of boarding.