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Boudie by Lauren came from the idea that boudoir is a state of mind, a place where you can escape from the pressures of the outside world and connect with your innermost desires and form of sexy. In our session you will find your style of boudoir and leave feeling radiant, confident and boudiful!

Full galleries will never be shared on my site, only images that have been approved by clients are shown.


Paris wanted to show off her strong and confident side. With some coaching and the promise that I could pose her to show off her curves we were able to create some beautiful images together.


Adriana came in knowing she was bold and beautiful, she was happy to try any pose and her true personality came out when I had her look directly in the camera. With the additive umbrella prop she left the session with a huge smile on her face.


CeeCee came in to our mini session with a game plan. She wanted to show off her incredible tattoos and make sure to get some black and white photos with her husband's plaid shirt on. We worked with smoke and covering using hand and arm placement to create these photos.


Briana came for a session with some of her girlfriends so they could all experience the joy of boudoir and hype each other up. She came ready to show off her outfit and strong sense of self. She knew what poses she liked and loved collaborating together.


Josephine came in with Briana and loved the hype of her girlfriends. She came in with a fun plan to use a matching bra set with a pair of jeans. We kept her photo shoot casual with a bit of risque to show off her fun boudie side.